kamalah: (Default)
2012-01-30 08:52 pm

Well, this sucks.

Dear Damn Diary,
My life sucks at the moment. I must have offend some deity up there because I can't seem to catch a break! As if being in the worst school ever, I have to deal with a bunch of other crap at home. My sister is annoying the crap out of me-she has also decided that he boyfriend comes before her family. No, I'm not joking. She actually said it. She is so selfish and an attention whore. If the tinest bit of attention is on me, even a little, she pitches a fit to get the spotlight back on her. It isn't fair!
I don't like attention. Not really anyway. I don't because I was (and still am) shoved to the side because of my sisters issues. Because I'm not a "problem-child" its okay for me to sit in the backseat. It sucks.
My sister sucks.
My life sucks.